Manure Treatment

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Product characteristics

  • Comprehensive Manure Treatment

    Mixed slurry and siphon piping system

    Manure, urine and slurry are pooled under the pig houses through the slatted floor. After two weeks or one month, pull the plug, and manure, urine and slurry will automatically flow into the manure collection tank through the syphon tubes under the houses, then separated with the solid-liquid separator.  


  • Separation System

    Slurry separation technology manages to separate the solid and liquid fractions of the slurry, and makes it more convenient for storage, transportation and utilization. The separation process is an essential step in the manure management. 

  • Working Principle

    The slurry is collected into the sewage tank via siphon duct system; mixer and chopper pump are installed inside the swage tank and keep stirring and mixing the manure; after even 

    mixing, the slurry is pumped up by the submersible chopper pump into the separator; the solid fraction after separation falls directly onto the platform below. The liquid fraction is discharged into the storage tank, after sometime, can be used directly as organic fertilizer or for farm irrigation after dilution. The solid fraction after separation is of low moisture content and thus convenient for transportation. It can be used for the manufacture of organic fertilizer, or to be sold as raw material directly.


    The solid part after separation


    The liquid part after separation


  • Major parts


    1SM series screw extrusion separator

    The working principle of the separator is screw extrusion separation technologies. When the chopper pump pumps the slurry into the separator, the solid fraction falls from the front of the machine after screw extrusion, while the liquid fraction goes into the sewage tank via the drain pipe. 

    2  PTS Submersible Chopper Pumps

    PTS series submersible chopper pump has advanced multi-stream impellor. It can chop the solids in the liquid and pumps them up properly.



    This machine is mainly used for slurry mixing, stirring and circulation. It pre-sets a good working environment for the chopper pump, improves the pump performance, and effectively prevents the precipitation of suspended solids in the slurry, to avoid blockage of the ducts, and enhance the processing capacity of the overall system. 



    4Liquid Level Meter

    Working Principle

    Liquid level control point can be freely set within the effective depth of the pool. When the liquid level reaches the high level, the mixer, chopper and separator operates automatically, as the separator continues to process the slurry, and the liquid level of the pool falls to the pre-set low liquid level, the separator, mixer and chopper bump will automatically shut down. 

Product details


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