Stall system

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Product characteristics

  • Individual stall

    ØUsed for mating pigs and gestation sows


    1According to gestation time, feeding is centralized using single stalls, convenient for observation and management of sows, avoiding their fighting, biting, hustling, and bullying.

    2Sizes range from 2200 x650mm to 2400x650mm, according to different herds, design should differ from pre and post gestation period;


    3)The stall and feeding design are integrated, fixed quantity feeding, easy for feed loading, water-supply and the mechanized cleaning of manure;

    4)Optimized stall opening device, consisting of two kinds: single-open back door stall, and double-open back door stall; convenient for the workers operation when opening and closing stalls.

  • Self-closing stalls

    Used for gestation sows, specially for the sows in late pregnancy 12 weeks


    1Specification 2400x650m, when the pig enters the stall, the back door will close automatically, ensuring the self-closing need of one stall with one pig only;

    2Special self-closing design, can realize the optimized effect of simultaneous feeding of all heads, ensuring the separate space of each pig while feeding; avoiding feeding competition, and ensuring fixed time and amount feeding of each pig; ensuring the well-distribution of sow bodies, enhancing the sow health index during the gestation period, effectively improving the feeding environment and welfare conditions of pregnant sows, and eventually improving sow’s productivity, extending the sow’s fetal time.


    3) Movement area is set outside the self-closing stall, expanding the range of movement space, increasing the sow’s physical condition, reducing the farrowing time, benefiting the sow’s health condition and piglet’s development, enhancing the survival rate of piglets.

    4) Cost is lower than ESF.


  • Farrowing Stalls

    Used for farrowing sows and nursing piglets


    1The sows’ positions can be adjusted according to need, freeing the sows from oppression in confined stalls, ensuring the sow’s smooth delivery; the back door can open entirely, for the sows to enter and exist;

    2Available sizes: 2.4mx1.8m, 2.4mx1.7m and etc, the stall width can be adjusted by the sow’s size and parity, avoiding the sow pressing on piglets.  

    3Free walking lane at the back of the farrowing stalls, for the piglets’ movement;


    4Feces cleaning openings on perforated floors in the farrowing stalls, easy for cleaning;

    5Unique design makes the PVC panel easier to assemble, clean and sterilize.  

    6The entire stall is hot-dip galvanized; the galvanization standard is above the national standard, for a longer service life.

  • Nursery Stalls

    Used for weaned piglets


    1)Suggested feeding of 2-4 litter weaners, each piglet takes up an area of 0.35㎡;


    2Full PVC fence, the fence length/width ratio is 3:2, the stall door can be entirely open or closed, the PVC fencing is with thermal performance and easy for sterilizing.

    3Upper two row of galvanized horizontal bars, internal effective ventilation, entire hot-dip galvanized design, galvanized standard is above national standard.

Product details

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