Technical Planning and Design of Pig Farm

Technical Planning and Design of Pig Farm

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Product characteristics

  • Master Plan of Technical Design

    Technology description:

    Breeding technology-- Perennial breeding, balanced production on batches, all in all out,

    phase feeding

    Feeding technology—all automatic dry-feeding system, ESF sows station for

    Ventilation technology—all automatic ventilation system. In summer, the mode is longitudinal ventilation, cooling pad and fans are used; In winter, spring and autumn, use ceiling inlet and wall outlet, or ceiling inlet and roof exhaust chimney

    Sewage discharge technology--mixed slurry and siphon piping system

    Matched with manure treatment and bio-gas equipment


  • Photos and Rendering

    Design sketch of pig farm in the north of China

  • Construction Design

    The construction design of pig farms include: architectural design, structural design, and MEP design. Kingpeng Global Husbandry has related design and construction qualifications. We can provide economic and reliable construction designs for various scalepig farms Our target  is to build satisfactory pig farms for our clients with savings on materials, labor, investment and time.

    Architectural Design of Pig Farms

    The architectural design of pig farms includes drawing and document presentations of pig farm’s technological and architectural planning. And it serves as the reference for material preparation, construction organization and cross-trade cooperation. It plays important role in terms of budget control and project management.

    Structural Design of Pig Farms

    The construction drawing is the construction guidance from engineers, communicating directly to construction workers and related technical staff, and is drafted based on certain regulations. The structural construction drawings for pig farm include the above-ground structural design and foundation design.

    The above-ground structural design mainly includes frame structure, shear wall structure, frame-shear wall structure, frame-core structure, core-in-core structure, block structure. Reasonable and scientific considerations should be taken in column design, beam design, concrete grade, stair design, and anti-seismic design.

    Water, electricity and heating Design of Pig Farms

    MEP design affects the daily operation of the pig farm. It includes calculation based on the scale and demand of the pig farm, and water and electricity resource conditions around the pig farm, in order to ensure adequate water resources, safe water quality, and to satisfy the demand from human and cattle, production and living water requirement. The electricity supply level of a pig farm should meet the Level II requirement. When the provision level is Level III or below, a generator should be standby to ensure stable power supply. Overall planning also includes the water pipes and electrical network design, heating and environmental control systems.



  • Construction Drawings of Pig Farms

    Construction Drawings of Pig Farms

    The drawings below are from a 1200 sow pig farm project in Beijing, including the site plan, nursery unit sections and fattening unit sections. Information provided includes the overall planning and layout, structures, materials, roof design, steel structure, wall structure, foundation structure, MEP design and etc.

Product details

The technical planning and design of pig farm is the core of pig farm systematic construction. It integrates production techniques, logistic planning, breeding management, epidemic prevention and quarantine checks, and is the premise of an effective and smooth operation. Kingpeng provides our clients with integrated systematic and standard solutions based on different climate environment, breeding variety, and management pattern.

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