Pig farm construction


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Product characteristics

  • Civil Engineering Construction

    The construction of pig farms is the realization of the architectural and structural design. The civil construction is closely associated with facility installation. Integrated construction can prevent rework and repair issues caused by different construction teams, and to guarantee construction progress.


  • Steel Structure Construction

    Kingpeng is equipped with steel structure design and construction qualifications, as well as the cattle farm light-steel-structure design and construction patent, which provides our client with a low-cost and convenient installation and construction mode


  • Water, electricity and heating Construction

    It mainly refers to the pre-installation of plumbing and electricity ducts, installation of water, electricity and heating equipment, in order to meet the production and living needs at various pig farm sites. 


  • Facility Installation and Commissioning

    Kingpeng has our own independent research team, and multiple manufacture factories. We have built long-term relationship with 22 international companies in regard to technical, product, and project cooperation. The products we provide including stalls, slatted floors, automatic dry feeding system, liquid feeding system, environment control, and manure treatment facilities are leading in the industry. Meanwhile, we have a professional team experienced in technical and project installation, serving as the personnel guarantee of our turn-key projects.


Product details

The construction of pig farm include: civil engineering construction, steel structure construction, MEP construction, facility installation, facility commissioning and etc. Kingpeng has specialized management team for the “turn-key project” modern farm construction on site. Crossed construction can be carried out according to the construction plan, so that the construction time can be shortened. During the facilities installation process, technical staff training regarding the operation and maintenance of the facilities can also be carried out for a faster start.

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