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We have layers cages, broilers cage and rearing cage. The cages are all made of high-quality galvanized wire, and the metal wires are made of high-strength galvanized wire, with high strength, good elasticity and smooth surface, which enhances the air convection, ensures the ventilation in the cages, and ensures the healthy and comfortable living environment of chickens.

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Product characteristics

  • Layers cage system

    The cage body adopts the structure of front end feeding and tail end water collecting, which is convenient for chickens to eat. The reasonable cage frame design makes the cage well ventilated and reduces the mortality of chickens. It can be equipped with automatic feeding system and defecation system.



  • Broilers Cage

    There are three types of cages for customers to choose: automatic, manual and new type. According to the characteristics of domestic and foreign breeding, we have developed a variety of types of cages to provide customers with the most cost-effective breeding equipment.


    The new cage has compact structure and good ventilation. It has been proved in many large-scale companies in China that our cage can obtain better meat ratio and survival rate, which is the best choice for small and medium-sized breeding. There are two ways of feeding: automatic feeding and manual feeding.



    The automatic chicken delivery can be realized by the integrated machine of chicken delivery and excrement removal. When the chicken is delivered out, the broiler can be delivered tier by tier, and then transported to the disc chicken catching machine by the mobile chicken delivery machine. Two conveyor belts can also be selected, one for chicken manure delivery and the other for chicken delivery. At the end of the chicken cage, it can be loaded manually directly. After the installation, it can be loaded directly by the conveyor, so as to reduce the intermediate link and the disability of the chicken


  • Rearing cage system

    Rearing cage fully considered rearing chicken growth performance. The galvanized plate with holes is used as the partition between each group, which is not only beneficial to the heat preservation of chicks, but also ensures the permeability of the cage. The ground heating principle can be used in the middle of the reraing cage, and four hot water pipes are laid, with constant temperature. It is proved by practice that the survival rate of chicks raised in this way is high and the individuals are uniform.

  • Central Egg Collecting


    Battery Egg Collecting


    Elevating Egg Collection


    Central Egg Collecting Line

    The central egg collecting line can transport the eggs of the whole chicken house to the egg house or the egg storage in a unified way, with stable operation and low breaking rate. It can meet the requirements of any site, and is designed as a transmission line of various curves, heights and distances.

    The width of transmission line is 200-750mm, and the transmission capacity is 15000-65000 eggs / hour.




    The conveyor belt is made of a single independent metal bar. There is no connecting parts and welding. If there is a fault, it can be replaced directly. There is an emergency stop button.Maintaince is easy, simple and fast.


Product details

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